PawsitiveReleaf offers a simple, safe and delicious way for your dog or cat to experience the incredible benefits of hemp. This plant is widely recognized for its health benefits, and has been used to treat a variety of ailments since ancient times! Finally, thousands of years later, research is underway to support the success stories. PawsitiveReleaf can help access those potential benefits in a way your pet will love, without any side-effects because PawsitiveReleaf is safe, organic and THC free.

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PawsitiveReleaf Hemp

Terpene Oil for Cats & Dogs

PawsitiveReleaf Hemp Oil pure organic goodness in a bottle, with all of the healthy terpenes that hemp is renowned for. You'll find the oil easy to administer and economical to use. Simply add the recommended amount to your cat or dog's regular meal! We offer a 150mg strength oil, perfect for cats and smaller dogs. Our 600mg oil is designed with medium to large dogs in mind.


Hemp Infused Dog Treats

PawsitiveReleaf Hemp Infused Treats offer a fun and delicious way for your dog to benefit from naturally occurring hemp terpenes. They'll gobble up every last crumb! With simple human grade ingredients like peanut butter and pumpkin, we have yet to meet a dog who didn't love them (really...we're serious. Not one.)! Each bag contains one heart shaped treat to remind you "our hearts in every bag", and it's true!

"Vinnie is about 14 or so (likely more - he was a rescue) years old. Previous to trying PawsitiveReleaf, he’d been on a cognitive medication. We’d noticed that it had stopped being as effective. He would rarely finish his food, would wince if we pet him, wasn’t very bouncy outside. So we stopped the med as we introduced pawsitive releaf. It’s been so great for him. He’s a bit more bouncy in the snow, eats better, is less anxious, seems a little less stiff, and just all around happier. We know he doesn’t have all that long left with us, but his quality of life is definitely better. Thank you!"  ~L.F, Huntsville~


"A little over 6 months on your treats and what a difference! Arthritic hip noticeably improved, more energy, better appetite and she’s lost about five pounds! She loves the treats and if we don’t give them to her as soon as we get up, she whines to remind us 😊 Gidget is 12 and her quality of life is so much better thanks to your product!"

"Our Stella-girl came with some seriously low self-esteem and seriously high anxiety (read: hoping to throw herself out of windows to come find us.) After trying very expensive doses of trazadone that left us with a shaking shell of a dog and no personality, we're loving PawsitiveReleaf treats as a natural alternative! Stella is much more able to focus on our confidence-building training and having rational time alone working on puzzle toys instead of losing her mind. For the first time in 6 months we've been able to lay in bed and cuddle without her getting overwhelmed :)" ~A.M~

"I am so happy I found PawsitiveReleaf! The treats benefit so many dogs and are made with great care and quality! Thank you for having such a good product and great customer service." ~J.M.~



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