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The Dogs & Cats of PawsitiveReleaf

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These are just a few of the dogs & cats that have used PawsitiveReleaf oil and treats. We'd love to feature your pet! 

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"Boomer is a 9 year old male Newfoundland Diagnosed with bilateral elbow dysplasia at 1 Operation was not a success in one elbow. He need 2 to 3 treats a day. He has been on PawsitiveRelief for three weeks. Results seen so far:

*Easier movement getting up
*Walking where and when he wants in the house 
Best results I have seen in anything I have tried including medication!" ~V.P.~

"Our old fellow has lived a good life (post rescue!). In the past year, he’s really started to show his age (approx. 14 years). He’s been anxious/scared, lost his appetite, achy and sore, and spent a lot of his time sleeping. If we went to pet him, he’d flinch and sometimes even yelp. He was on an expensive daily cognitive med and a pain med. They worked at the beginning but didn’t seem as effective recently. I decided to try PawsitiveReleaf and we immediately noticed a difference. He never flinches or yelps anymore, has a much better appetite, and is more bouncy. He just seems happier! We’ve even stopped the cognitive medication. We are so grateful that he will enjoy a good quality of life during the time he’s with us. PawsitiveReleaf is a great product, and the customer service is excellent. We highly recommend it!" ~l.F.~

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