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Backwoods Dog BioThane® Martingale Collar

This training collar is made for leash pullers and runaways...or just for good doggie style. The martingale will provide more control and prevent dogs from slipping out of their collars. When used properly these collars should never choke or harm your dog! The pressure they feel from the tightening of the chain is enough for them to start paying attention. Take the lead in style!


Made from Beta 520 Standard BioThane®, our collars have the look and feel of leather without the maintenance. Stink-proof, water-proof, flexible, and soft to the touch. Highly durable. Maintains flexibility even in extremely cold weather. We believe this is the earth-friendly choice because BioThane is practically indestructible. It will outlive other collar materials and it's vegan! Made in Canada.   


How to Measure for Size:

The martingale collar is a slip-on collar, so it must be able to fit over your dog's head. Measure around the widest girth of your dog's head, including the ears.Measure the smallest part of the neck behind the ears. Then measure around the neck where you want the collar to sit. You should be able to get two fingers comfortably under the measuring tape to ensure it will not be too tight. Choose the largest measurement between these 3 points to get the most accurate collar size. Sizes range by 3". Never leave your pet unattended with a martingale collar on.



  • 1" Wide Beta 520 Standard BioThane® Webbing
  • Heavy Duty Half Chain
  • 1" Heavy Welded D-ring


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BioThane® Martingale Collar

  • BioThane is extremely easy to care for. Simply wipe away dirt with a cloth or wash with soap and water. To disinfect, dab with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Keep away from extreme heat or fire.

  • BioThane® is a polyester webbing with a PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean and weldable. BioThane® is made in the USA,

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